Our Painted Wood Letters come in limitless designs. You can browse our most popular designs on the website like Polka Dot Painted Letters, Damask Painted Letters, Patchwork Pooh Painted Letters, Star Jedi Space Wars Painted Letters, Nautical Nights Painted Letters, BoSox Painted Letters, Pink Painted Letters, Swarovski Crystal Painted Letters, Off to Neverland Painted Letters, Princess Painted Letters, Jungle Animal Painted Letters, Ocean Turtle Reef Painted Letters, Off to Paris Eiffel Tower Painted Letters, Fairy Painted Letters, Mermaid Painted Letters, White Painted Letters, Wedding Painted Letters and so many more!

Wood Letter Sizing Information 

The letter height you order is based on the uppercase letter "A" of the font you specify. Some uppercase/lowercase letters are shorter (or taller) than the height you specify on the order form so that they will look proportionate to each other. For example, if you wanted to order the name, Ashley, and you ordered all the letters the same size, you would get the following letter sizes in relation to each other. 

Painted Wall Letter Pricing Information

The most popular sizes and associated prices per letter are:

6 inch height:  $10 (solid color)         $18 (designer painted)

8 inch height:  $12 (solid color)         $22 (designer painted)

10 inch height: $16 (solid color)        $26 (designer painted)

12 inch height: $20 (solid color)        $31 (designer painted)

14 inch height: $22 (solid color)        $37 (designer painted)

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Nautical Nights Painted Letters
Damask Pink Turquoise Painted Letters
Designer Hand Painted Wood Letters are our specialty. The Fairy Paintbox offers top-quality, custom hand painted wood wall letters for kids' rooms, baby nurseries, home and office. The Fairy Paintbox is your source for custom kids' room decor and custom wood wall letters to coordinate with any room, theme or space. Our painted alphabet letter products are guaranteed to be the best quality wood letters you'll find. Our designs come in over 1000 fonts, in heights from 4 inches up to 36 inches tall. Our painted letter designs are limitless and custom orders are always welcome. What's your next step? Here are three ways to order our Designer Painted Wood Letters:
Sparkly Pink Painted Letters
Funky Zebra Print Painted Letters
TheFairyPaintbox.com features many of our most popular designs of Hand Painted Wood Wall Letters available for purchase right from the website. Click HERE to visit our online selections. Prices are per individual letter and quantities must be updated to reflect the number of letters you want.
We do have an Etsy shop. If you're familiar with that platform and prefer to order through Etsy, hop on over to our shop and browse our most popular designs or request a custom order. Click HERE to visit The Fairy Paintbox on Etsy.
We're in the office Mon. through Fri. from 8 AM ET to 4 PM ET taking phone calls and emails. Call 302.883.4411 or submit the form below for a reply via email. During office hours, we make every effort to get back to you the same business day.
WHAT IS YOUR PRICING? All custom wood letters are priced individually, whether cut separately or connected. When ordering, update your quantity to reflect the exact number of letters you need.

WHAT IS YOUR TURNAROUND TIME? Based on the current shop and studio schedule, please allow 4 weeks for manufacturing your custom painted wood letter order. This time line accommodates all ongoing painted wood letter orders. We also provide photo updates during the production of your order, so you'll see the progress, will be able to request changes if necessary and approve prior to shipment.

WHAT SIZE TO ORDER? Common wall letter sizes for kids' rooms range from 6 inches to 12 inches tall per letter but you are not limited to these sizes. The size you pick will also depend on its use and the space you want to fill. We're happy to assist with measurements, just ask!

We can cut individual letters from 4 to 36 inches tall. We can cut connected letters as high as 12 inches tall by 58 inches long. Orders over 28 inches long and over 16 inches tall may require additional oversized ship fees.  

CAN I ACCESSORIZE WITH CRYSTALS AND SHAPES? Add some bling to your wall letters with our hand-applied genuine Swarovski crystals, hanging ribbon bows, and custom painted flat or 3-D shapes.

Every order includes photo updates via e-mail during the painting process and prior to shipment. E-mail a design specialist using the form below or call us M-F at 302.883.4411 8 AM - 4 PM ET. 

The Fairy Paintbox In the Media

The Fairy Paintbox specializes in custom painted wooden wall letters for children's rooms. Every order is completely custom right down to the colors and designs of your choosing. If you don't see something you like, we'll gladly create something brand new. We've been building our wall letter brand since 2005 and have been featured by several websites and publications including The Baltimore Sun's Baltimore At Home Magazine. Our art has also been featured on MTV. 

Visit our Etsy shop or visit us on Facebook to see more wall letter photo galleries and stay up-to-date on our most recent work. 

PHOTOGRAPHY PROMISE: Our wall letter galleries include only wall letters that were painted here in our studio at The Fairy Paintbox. Our photographs are copyright protected and are not available for professional use unless authorized by The Fairy Paintbox. In short, if you see our letters on another website, it doesn't belong there. Please let us know if you see our photographs displayed on another website. 
BOSOX Painted Letters
Turtle Reef Painted Letters
Paris Eiffel Tower Painted Letter
Lavender Blooms Painted Letters
Ladybug Garden Pastel Painted Letters
Star Jedi Painted Letters