Wood Letter Font Gallery

Our custom-cut wooden wall letters are available in hundreds of font styles, including those shown below. Message us through the custom order page for free font samples and measurements in any style from our font gallery. If there is a font you'd like to use that is not shown here, please reach out to us to see if it is available. 

Font Sizing Information: While many of our fonts are all the same height across the alphabet, there are also quite a few fonts that are sized proportionately. For instance, if you order the name "Emma" in mixed case in the Wizard font at 8 inches tall, the "E" will measure 8 inches tall, while the remaining lowercase letters will be sized proportionately either smaller, taller or the same depending on the letter. Please reach out for exact measurements on fonts that are sized proportionately. All letters in the name would be considered 8 inch letters while the heights may actually vary after that first letter.

Lengthwise measurements for our wooden wall letters will vary depending on the font style you choose and number of letters in the name or word(s). You may always reach out for exact measurements on any font style.