Maker Monday: Assembling A Personalized Baseball Nursery Room Round Wood Sign

Maker Monday: Assembling A Personalized Baseball Nursery Room Round Wood Sign

Maker Monday: Assembling A Personalized Baseball Nursery Room Round Wood Sign

From selecting the perfect placement in our laser cutting design program to assembling the pieces of our round baseball sign, this Maker Monday we're guiding you through the process of bringing our Baseball Baby Name Sign to life.

Baltic Birch Wood Disc

For this sign, we use Baltic Birch wooden discs. We love this material for most of our signs because it has a consistent smooth grain for painting and staining. Round signs for baby rooms are very popular and an obvious choice for a baseball sign theme.

We start with this 16-inch wooden disc, which is then sanded, edges and all for a perfect round. Once it's finished being prepped for painting, we use our white

Painting a white round wood discroller for a nice, smooth, even coat. Depending on the color (in this case, white), we may need three or more layers for that perfect opaque look.
We've got a utility cabinet here in the studio packed full of pre-painted plywood in all our most popular colors, so while we're waiting for the white round disc to dry, we can place our red plywood into the laser cutter to work on those baseball stitches. 

We've designed the baseball stitches for this particular design to be completely red which gives off a simple and streamlined look. Depending on the size of the child's name that will eventually fit in the middle of the sign, our default sizing on the stitch shapes may need to be altered slightly. Those numbers get entered into our laser program and we put the laser right to work.
Once that's complete, we remove the masking and place the white round with the stitch pieces all into the laser bed, to do a preliminary sizing names. Our program takes a photo of what's in the bed and we can size our text on the screen before removing the sign pieces. Then, we're placing our royal navy plywood into the bed with our designed text sized and ready to send over to the printer. Once we've got our lettering, we can play around with all the pieces and make sure we're happy and confident with the final placement. 
Designing and assembling our Baseball Baby Name Round Sign is a creative and meaningful project that we know will add a personal touch to the nursery of your little slugger! Baseball Baby Name Sign Round Wall Sign Personalized Baseball Wall ArtWe love creating one-of-a-kind keepsakes that celebrate the newest member of your family. Thank you for letting us share this latest project with you. We hope you'll come back every Monday for another look behind-the-scenes in the studio at the love and care that goes into our handcrafted baby nursery room products. 

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