The Perfect Baby Room in Three Steps

The Perfect Baby Room in Three Steps

The Perfect Baby Room in Three Steps

If creating the perfect baby room has you overwhelmed, here is a quick list of three to-dos to get your inspiration flowing!

1. Pick a Specific Theme:

Sticking to a general theme or concept for the baby's room will allow you to narrow your focus. Let's say you're going with a Dinosaur Baby Room theme. This doesn't have to mean only dinosaurs allowed in baby's room. A dinosaur nursery room theme can include jungle leaves, prehistoric trees and bugs, even elements of Earth and sky. Picking a theme will ensure a more cohesive look to the nursery room and keep you focused when picking out décor and bedding.

2. Pick a Palette/Color-Scheme:

Choose a color scheme with one or two dominant colors and then use two or three coordinating accent colors throughout elements like décor and bedding. You'll want those dominant colors to appear in the décor as well. How do you pick a color scheme in the first place? Research shows that the best colors for babies to wake up to are softer shades. Babies actually perceive these colors first before bolder colors such as red. A great way to get inspired regarding the palette of baby's room is to use a focal point of décor and pull colors and coordinating colors from that piece. 

3. Choose Your Focal Point:

While many parents will choose the crib as a focal point of baby's room, there are other options. This can be anything from a window, to an antique dresser, a mural, to a piece of wall art or just a specific section of the room. Of course, we recommend baby's name in handcrafted wall letters, which always makes the perfect personalized statement for baby's room. 


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