Sports Ball Collage Painted Wood Wall Letters


Sports Ball Collage Painted Wood Letters, the perfect addition to any baseball-themed or sports themed baby room or sports nursery decor! These handcrafted letters are each intricately painted with vibrant colors and playful designs, making them a fun and personalized touch for your little athlete's space. Whether used to spell out a name, a favorite sports team, or just to add a touch of sporty charm to the room, these letters are sure to make a bold statement.

Sports Ball Collage Painted Wood Wall Letters feature:

- baseball, football, basketball and golf (shown) collage sports balls (other sports upon request!)

- navy blue wood letters 

- 1/2" thick wood letters

- Due to the custom nature of every order, we do not accept returns.

- Assorted heights available to fit any space perfectly.

Not just limited to baby rooms, these Sports Painted Wood Letters are also a fantastic choice for decorating a sports-themed kids' room or for adding a fun touch to a sports-themed baby shower. The versatility of these letters makes them a fantastic gift option for any sports-loving parents-to-be.